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The only necklace in the world containing our proprietary combination of AI features to turn conversations into reminders, summaries and more. Perfect for remembering small and big action items, from taking out the trash, to preparing for a big meeting at work.
Pair it with your phone
Transcribe all your conversations
Get reminded about things you need to do automatically
Search all of your chats if you forget something
  • The Compass necklace contains a microphone that converts your conversations into text transcriptions.

  • The Compass app then uses AI to create summaries, smart reminders, and lets you ask questions about everything you have heard.

Every-day conversations (for everyone)

  • Transcribe every-day conversations
  • Ask Compass AI chat if you forget anything
  • "What TV show did my friend recommended last weekend?"

Meetings (for working professionals)

  • Transcribe every meeting
  • Send summaries to your team from the Compass app
  • "What were the action items from the weekly meeting?"

Lectures (for college students)

  • Transcribe every class
  • Draft essays and get quizzed on what you heard in the app
  • "Which chapter did he say would be in the exam?"
  • The purchase includes the necklace, and access to the Compass iOS and Android app.

  • If you purchase it today, you will also get 3 hours/week of FREE AI features, like reminders, summaries, and AI chat.
5000+ hours transcribed

Smart people love Compass

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Dr. Jonathan Dunn
Charles Bido
Father & Engineer at MURAL
Abel Van Steenweghen
Founder at

What is unique about Compass?

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Never miss a word

Hours of conversations transcribed

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